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This Unmoving Child Became A Master Neurosurgeon With Herself Being The First Patient
Preserving Our Mind & Wisdom

Our brains are what made us thrive as a species and as individuals. However, there exist so many forces outside our control that slow us down.

These factors can take various forms, such as stress, sleep deprivation and even our own genetics. Yet, the most common cause of brain decline is none other than time itself.

Science Behind Aging

Various studies have discovered a link between aging and brain development, where the volume of our brain decreases and decays as we grow older. Although this phenomenon is different from person to person, the results show that it generally begins around the age of 30. (Left and Right-brain Age Differently – Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease, n.d.)

Out of the entire brain, the Cerebral Cortex is the most at risk of decay, where its frontal lobe and hippocampus thin out over time. These are the areas responsible for our daily cognitive abilities such as memorization, learning, decision making, and even our own personality.

With lower Cerebral Cortex density, this also translates to fewer nerves transmitting information throughout the brain, which leads to slower thinking and a shorter attention span overall.

On top of that, our white matter also declines in size, which is an area that consists of nerve fibers responsible for transmitting data between brain cells. It’s also the emotion center of the limbic system, which means the less effective our white matter is, the less stable our mood is. (Changes That Occur to the Aging Brain: What Happens When We Get Older, 2022)

Even younger people are not safe, as a growing brain is also a delicate one. If the cerebral cortex were to ever be damaged, whether from lack of oxygen or physical trauma, this can cause the victim to develop Cerebral Palsy; it’s a condition that slowly robs the body of its muscular control, leaving the victim paralyzed. So not only does brain decline and damage affect the mind, but also the control of the body as well.

A Shade Of Hope

Yet humanity fights back! With the power of Oceania Tea Trees and its terpenoid rich essence, our brains can be preserved till its final hours.

Research has shown that terpenoid can be harnessed from these tea trees in order to improve general blood flow throughout the whole body, but most importantly towards our brain; this means the brain would have more resources to work with and more nutrients to keep it healthy (Terpenoid, 2017)

Additionally, tea trees are also used traditionally in various cultures as a remedy for anxiety and emotional instability. The smoothing scent would stimulate the brain in order to encourage relaxation as well as to avoid overworking of the brain; this way, the brain would be able to avoid harmful stress and decay. (Lybrate, 2017)

Equipped with anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, the tea tress's terpenoids has the ability to protect both body and mind from harmful infections and deterioration. The brain can rest and repair itself without the interruption of outside infections. (Cox-Georgian et al., 2019)

Free Yourself From Mental Chains In 10 Days

Holly was a 46-year-old single mother who was forced to work two jobs in order to provide for her son. As if that’s not bad enough for her, the child was also found to be suffering from severe ADHD; this not only caused his grades to nosedive, but also reduced the chance of them ever escaping poverty. However, not all hope is lost with a little help from Tatsuri™.

This is their own personal story after receiving Tatsuri™’s aid.

Day 3

The moment Holly inhaled Tatsuri™ into her body, her shoulders started calming down and her mind began to relax. Yet at the same time, she was still able to maintain focused on her job as well as her child’s care.

Day 7

Holly started to feel generally more energized than ever before, even bringing Tatsuri™ to work instead of a coffee. A once caffeinated and tired worker eventually became a consecutive employee of the month. With Tatsuri™ by her side, she was constantly active and focused on the tasks, allowing for promotions left and right.

Day 10

After just 10 days of using Tatsuri™, Holly managed to take back her own life and carve herself a better future. Even her son started focusing more in class, with Tatsuri™ calming down his nerves and allowing him to unlock his true potential.

It is estimated that 6.5 million Americans over the age of 65 suffer from Alzheimer’s; that’s about 1 in 9 elders who have brain deterioration. So don’t take your own mind for granted, despite our limitless potential as humans, you can still use a little help from time to time.

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