Livaus™ - Amadine Amhi

Reach Your Brain’s Maximum Potential

When it comes to the human body, the brain is the very engine that keeps us going. Whether it’s age, illness, or environmental factors, that powerful engine can start rusting over and breaking down. This causes a plethora of issues that may be familiar to all of us like forgetfulness, a loss of focus, stress, and a decline in intelligence.

But it’s time to let those problems be a part of the past with Livaus™! With one simple drop, you can finally boost your brain power to the maximum!

Drops of Wisdom

Livaus™ is derived from the rare frankincense trees found only in the remote corner of Greece. Historically, frankincense has been known not only for its therapeutic properties but for its ability to improve mental faculties.

Carefully harvested to protect the trees and uniquely formulated, Livaus™ is here to improve your memory, attention, and cognitive abilities by healing and repairing decaying brain cells, and improving neurotransmitter speed.

The Benefits of Livaus™

Improve cognitive function

Heals and regenerates brain cells

Boosts focus and concentration

Reduces anxiety and stress

100% natural

Ethically and sustainably sourced

How to Use

Mix 2-4 drops with any type of body-safe oil and gently massage the mixture with even pressure onto your temples twice a day.

Add 4-6 drops of Livaus™ into an aromatherapy diffuser or essential oil burner before bed

***Note: For best results, 3 bottles are needed to complete a full treatment.***


Keith Howell, PA

I was ready to quit my first year in law school because of just how hard it was. I couldn’t focus because I was so tired and it felt like a struggle to memorize everything. I went to my friend who was acing everything to ask for advice and he gave me a bottle of Livaus™, saying it was his secret. I thought he was just pulling my leg but after using it, I’ve completely changed. I can memorize pages and pages of documents and legal text with a single glance. It’s also become so easy to focus and engage in class. I’ve already landed an internship with my dream firm and it’s all thanks to Livaus™!

Angelica Lynch, KS

My darling son was diagnosed with a learning disability fairly early on. It has always been a struggle to get him to sit down and focus, and I’ve received a constant stream of complaints from his teachers. I was at my wit’s end and ready to transfer him to special education when a friend suggested Livaus™. She swore that it was the reason why her twins were doing so well in school and were so well behaved. I used it on my son right away and his transformation was unbelievable! He could finally focus and became so much calmer. His teachers say they’ve never seen such an intelligent young boy in their careers! I’ve already placed more orders, thank you Livaus™!

Dr. Hugo Jensen PhD, MA

Getting tenure in a prestigious college is not an easy feat and I’ve maintained my excellent reputation for over twenty years. However, as I got on in age, my brain started feeling foggy and I realize I was forgetting more and more. It also started becoming very difficult to keep up with the latest research and I was devastated. My daughter then recommended I’d try Livaus™ and I decided to humor her. Yet within the span of a fortnight, it feels like I’ve returned to my younger days. In fact, I’ve developed a photographic memory and have an easier time than ever focusing on research and teaching! Livaus™ truly saved my career!



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