Numbers Genius - Amadine Amhi

Discover The Nutty Man Who Cracked The Impossible Math Question In Seconds

When this man entered the lecture hall, people were ready to call security. However, no one could believe their eyes as he solved the world’s hardest math formula with ease!

The Lost Man

For years, Adam had spent his days talking to himself and making strange noises. In his madness, it was as though he could see things no one else could. He could be seen crying or screaming and gesturing wildly at thin air.

No one in the city of Athens, Greece, knew where this odd man had come from. Many believed his own family had disowned him for his psychosis.

But one day, his hard life would get even worse when he was a victim of a hit and run.

In the emergency room, the medical staff did all that they could, but he had lost too much blood after suffering from a serious brain injury.

Whilst he was in recovery, the police and hospital did their best to find out who he was. However, his past would remain a mystery to everyone.

When Adam finally woke from his coma, his condition had worsened.

He was now an empty shell, mumbling quietly to himself. It was as though he couldn’t even register the presence of those around him, let alone respond or react to them.

With no other choice, the medical team decided to have him transferred. Instead, sending him to a mental institution where he could be cared for long-term and medicated for his psychosis.

Doing The Impossible

For years, Adam would remain within the institution’s walls. He was usually ignored by staff as he was one of their most harmless patients but one evening, the caretakers found that Adam had gone missing!

Authorities searched for him in the surrounding wilderness day and night only to turn up empty.

However, it would be the unlikeliest man who would find Adam instead.

The renowned American mathematician, Dr. Freeman, was in the city as he was giving a series of open lectures throughout Europe.

Dr. Freeman was in the middle of introducing one of the unsolved Millenium Questions… not expecting anyone present to understand it.

Yet, Adam stepped up and solved it within minutes.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes!”

“But even after checking his calculations repeatedly”

“He had gotten it all right”

“Adam told me he had just left a mental institution”

“But there was no way a man of his intelligence could be mad”

“Despite his wild, dirty appearance”

“His genius intellect was unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my 40-year career!”

-Professor Freeman

Looking For Answers

Since that moment, Adam’s fascination with numbers has only grown. He has since been taken in by Professor Freeman as his protégé with the professor nurturing and encouraging his mental development.

Adam would often go back to the wild forests around the mental institution as those long walks helped him work through ideas and advanced calculations.

His unbelievable transformation piqued the interest of Professor Freeman’s wife.

Dr. Gloria was an established neuroscientist with more than 30 years of experience.

“There are many cases of geniuses falling into psychosis”

“But Adam’s case is the first of his kind”

“Where a man who had completely lost his mind”

“Is now filled with endless mathematical abilities!”

-Dr. Gloria (Professor Freeman’s Wife)

Dr. Gloria met with Adam and interviewed him about his experience. She wanted to know just how he had transformed.

The Scent Of Change

“I don’t really remember much from my past”

“Nor do I recall how or why I left the psychiatric hospital”

“But as I walked through the forests that night…”

“I felt a change come over me”

“When I smelt something warm and woody”

“The fog in my brain seemed to clear up”

“And for the first time, I could think clearly”

“All around me, I could see numbers and formulas”

“It was like a whole new world!”


Dr. Gloria grew fascinated by this forest and paid it a visit. There was no clear road, and it took hours of rough hiking…

But eventually, Dr. Gloria caught the scent of a strange fragrance in the air. Just a single whiff cleared her exhausted mind and sent her thoughts racing. It allowed her to solve a problem she had been struggling with for weeks.

The area looked like an orchard that had been abandoned for centuries, left for nature to reclaim and grow wild.

Dr. Gloria took samples from the trees for further study and what she found shocked even her!

Treasured Trees

“The tree produced a unique form of frankincense”

“One that was rich in a particular element known as sesquiterpenes”

“Psychosis is caused by intense stress on the brain”

“Causing the organ to produce an imbalance of chemicals”

“Sesquiterpene is capable of passing through into our brain tissue”

“There it is able to assist with the neurological health of grey matter”

“By repairing dying brain cells and increasing the production of more”

“Helping to return brain chemicals back to normal”

“It also increases oxygen flow within the blood cells of the brain”

“Accelerating the brain’s own healing abilities without the need for chemicals”

“Sesquiterpene also helps with memory and boosts thinking abilities”

“As it will increase the connection between neurotransmitters in the brain”

“This must be how Adam had transformed so drastically!”

-Dr. Gloria (Professor Freeman’s wife)

Going through the history of the lands, Dr. Gloria would find an obscure text. One that told the story of a perfume made for the priestesses of Athena who was the Greek Goddess of Intelligence and Wisdom.

She found that the location of those frankincense trees matched the orchard producing the perfume!

Birth Of Livaus™

Dr. Gloria realized that this discovery could help others like Adam but not many could make the journey out there. Also changing the environment to allow for more travelers could potentially cause the rare trees to suffer instead.

So instead, Dr. Gloria decided to create a product from the unique frankincense.

After working tirelessly to create the perfect formula, one with the highest concentration of sesquiterpenes- she was ready for Livaus™ to be introduced to the world.

Adam was the first to use Livaus™ and he was amazed.

“It’s a great deal more effective than my walks”

“In fact, it feels like It’s enhanced my intelligence a hundredfold”

“My brain has been processing information faster than ever”

“And I can see so many new perspectives and connections”

“With my age, traveling back and forth to the forest is getting difficult”

“So, Livaus™ has been a great help, keeping me focused and alert”

“Dr. Gloria really has managed to bottle a miracle!”


Today with Livaus™, Adam has received two doctorates in math and physics and his reputation would only skyrocket after the presentation of a new formula. One that allowed for easier and faster space travel.

His calculations are changing the way scientists are understanding the universe and he shows no signs of stopping!

A Touching Reunion

However, it wasn’t just his career that saw help from Livaus™

It also helped Adam overcome his amnesia and recall his past. This allowed him to track down and reunite with his lost family.

After spending a near decade alone, he has reclaimed his lost identity.

“It’s been so long since our brother disappeared”

“After the stress of losing our parents caused him to break down”

“Our family has remained shattered for so long”

“To have him here again and know he’s alive and well…”

“And to see all the things he has managed to achieve”

“No words can describe how proud we are of him”

-Evalina (Adam’s sister)