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Real-life Aphrodite: This High Drive
Granny Ruled An Heir's Mansion

69-year-old Janice is the queen of a young heir’s ‘playboy mansion’. After passing by her, the billionaire instantly became obsessed with her.

Despite Janice’s age, men decades her junior want to be with her. Including this successful heir who is only 35-years-old. He is loyal to her despite being the crush of thousands of women.

This unique age-gap couple has left many to wonder...

“What makes Janice so unique that the young heir is so captivated by her?”

During a recent interview, Janice shared something eye-opening:

“My boyfriend was a Casanova before he met me. His family thought that he would never stay loyal to any girl.”

“But when we first met, he was instantly attracted to me and he's been faithful to me ever since."

“He especially looks forward to ‘bedtime’ with me every single night!”

“Thanks to my ‘high drive’, I’ve even challenged women younger than me in the bedroom and I can satisfy men better than they can.”


Aphrodite’s Revelation

This piqued the interest of Dr. Kane, a sexologist with more than 20 years of experience. So, he decided to meet the lovebirds to get his answers:

“When I first met them, I noticed a unique scent surrounding Janice. Like a magnet, it drew me closer to her.”

“She truly has an unexplainable aura.”

-Dr. Kane

Then, Janice finally revealed the secret behind this mystery:

“Centuries ago, in my hometown located in Greece, prayers to Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, lust, and pleasure were offered in times of marital stress and pursuits of love.”

“To pay their respects to Aphrodite, women burnt incense made from cinnamon because it was believed that cinnamon was a sacred spice to Aphrodite.”

“Wherever she went, the scent of cinnamon surrounded her and flowed out of her aphrodisiac belt which had the power to cause men and Gods to hopelessly fall for her.”

“Every time the locals went to the temple to pray, they’d unexpectedly attract their significant other and get more active in bed.”

“Since then, the women from my hometown spent hours making perfumes inspired by Aphrodite as a symbol of femininity.”


Testing Out An Ancient Practice

Curious, Dr. Kane took a sample of the perfume and decided to invite a volunteer, 62-year-old Deborah to try it out:

“Ever since I hit menopause, my husband and I haven’t been intimate, this caused my husband to lose interest in me.”

“We used to be so active in the bedroom but now all we do is turn our backs to each other.”

"I craved for affection, but the intercourse was no longer pleasurable.”

“But when I tried the homemade perfume given by Dr. Kane, my husband simply can’t resist whenever I’m around and he’s in the ‘mood’ almost every single night!”


Looking at how effective the traditional perfume is, Dr. Kane decided to check Deborah’s hormone levels:

“After various tests, we discovered that after using the perfume, her estrogen levels have increased significantly. Which elevated her sexual appetite, equivalent to someone in their 20s.”

-Dr. Kane

They Called It C'amoure™

Realizing how this groundbreaking discovery should be shared with the world, Dr. Kane worked with perfumers and biochemists to create the perfect essential oil. That is how C'amoure™ was born.

It is made of cinnamon bark extracts using the latest steam distillation method. With only a single drop, the seductive and alluring aroma will instantly add warmth and romance to uplift and enliven intimate experiences taking any type of relationship to the next level.

Dr. Kane explains the magic behind C'amoure™:

“As women age, their estrogen levels will slowly decline resulting in mood swings, loss of desire for intimacy, and depression.”

“But by inhaling C'amoure™, it can help to balance hormone levels. Thanks to its key ingredient, cinnamon, exclusively grown in Greece.”

“They contain high concentrations of cinnamaldehyde, capable of lowering depressive episodes and menopausal symptoms while also increasing women’s libido by raising body temperatures and blood flow to the genital region this in effect heightens pleasure during intimacy.”

“Additionally, C'amoure™ was designed to help women exude their most attractive aura which can enchant men by triggering their olfactory senses causing them to feel attracted instantly.”

-Dr. Kane

Taking The Fragrance Industry By Storm

When the first batch of C'amoure™ was rolled out, Janice gave her verdict:

“I used to travel all the way to Greece just to get the local cinnamon. It took days to make a small batch of the perfume.”

“But with C'amoure™, it couldn’t get any easier! Honestly, I was skeptical at first but now all I need to do is to dab a few drops.”

“And it would improve my mood instantly and what’s better is, bedtime has been more exciting now than it already was.”

“I feel tighter down there and I’m getting more turned on than usual!”


Months after C'amoure™ made its debut, it took the world by storm with more than 600,000 units sold!

One of the avid users, 71-year-old Pauline shared her positive feedback:

“Ever since my husband left me, I thought I’d be alone forever. I was constantly feeling depressed and had no luck with men until I found C’amoure™.”

“After just a week of using this essential oil, it attracted my current boyfriend who is younger than me.”

“He often compliments me on how nice and seductive I smell and getting intimate with me every night feels like a fun adventure. He even says I’m the best partner he’s ever had!”


Come join Janice and the others who have benefited from C'amoure™. Captivate the man of your dreams and unleash passionate sensations.

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