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Discover about the Man Who Survived Being Buried Alive in a Snowstorm

Wednesday, October 25th, 2023 | Michelle Torres, Senior Editor

It was the harrowing night of December 23, 2019. Richard was driving to Colorado to visit his family for the holidays.

As he continued into the wilderness, the snow on the ground became deeper. He was worried about getting trapped in the snow so he decided to turn back.

Things Took An Unexpected Turn For The Worst

The roads were so icy that he lost control of his car as it skidded and caused him to crash into a ditch.

When he woke up, he was already buried in 6 feet of snow. Richard quickly realized that he wasn’t winter prepared at all.

Despite piling on every piece of clothing he could find in his luggage, he still felt chills. His feet were becoming numb from the cold. That’s when it finally hit him.

He removed his socks that were still drenched from walking in the snow earlier and attempted to warm his feet, turning on the heat every now and then.

Gradually, he stopped shivering and this kept him warm through the night.

A Christmas Miracle

Thankfully, the local authorities finally found his car the next morning.

“Even the doctors were surprised that I escaped without frostbite or hypothermia.”

“They asked me how I survived the night.”

“So I told them that the only thing that kept me warm was when I placed my feet on the heater.”

“Because warming my body just didn’t seem to do the trick.”

– Richard

Doctors Were Astounded By His Revelation

After further research, Dr. Garren found that the feet are the most prone to heat loss.

Think of our feet as a thermostat. They play a vital role in regulating our body temperature as they have a large surface area and specialized blood vessels which can be opened up to let more blood flow. Therefore, allowing heat to flow out of them.

But when the body feels too cold, it’s a severe sign that the body has lost too much heat. With the feet unprotected, the body begins to lose heat faster than is produced.

It’s only a matter of time that the body will go into a state of hypothermia. What’s worse is that 25 times more heat is lost when the body is in contact with wet clothes.

It will take no longer than an hour for a person to start developing frostbite or hypothermia. That’s why it is vital that the feet are constantly kept warm as it is the only way to redistribute heat around the body.

However, people tend to overlook their feet, unaware that they act as the body’s thermostat.

So as they’re piling on clothes on their body thinking that will keep them warm, their feet are actually offloading heat fast.

Dr. Garren Saw That There Was A Gap In The Market

So he spent months working on a special pair of self-heating socks called Varmal™.

Varmal™ is made from fiber embedded with Far Infrared Rays (FIR) technology which are wavelengths of light which can’t be seen but can be felt through heat.

When the sock comes into contact with the foot, it emits an invisible light which is then absorbed by the cells of the body so a wave of heat will be generated throughout the body.

Varmal™ also features tiny micro pockets in the fabric that forms a protective insulation layer trapping 10 times more hot air compared to wool. This is effective in blocking the cold air out completely allowing you to withstand sub-zero temperature due to its superior heat retention properties.

Each sock also comes with precisely placed magnets that stimulate over 2800 reflexology points on your feet. This acts as a massage to relieve aches and pains that come from common foot problems like arthritis and plantar fasciitis.

Varmal™ Was A Success

After rounds of testing and patent approvals, Varmal™ has finally made its debut to the public. Within just 3 months of launching, it has been selling like hot cakes!

Dr. Garren even tested it out on Richard for his verdict…

“They work even better than putting my feet against the heater.”

“As they provide constant heat as long as I have them on.”

“If only I had them when I was trapped in the blizzard.”

– Richard

“My feet are always freezing for some reason.”

“Socks that I currently own barely help keep my feet warm.”

“I decided to give Varmal™ a go after reading great reviews about them.”

“Now, I totally get what everyone’s been raving about.”

“They keep my feet warm and toasty throughout the day.”

“They even heat up the inside of my boots.”

“Perfect for snowy days especially here in Utah.”

– Mikayla Jenkins

“As a UPS employee, my feet would constantly swell.”

“I would come home and soak my feet in an Epsom saltwater bath.”

“Then, wrap my feet in a heating pad to keep them from throbbing.”

“It works fine but I wouldn’t be able to walk around with a heating pad on.”

“After trying out Varmal™, I’m convinced there’s nothing better out there.”

“The warmth is so soothing and helps relieve my pain almost instantly.”

“They turned out to be not only useful in the winter but all year round too.”

– Bryan Garner

“My near-death experience has opened my eyes to the importance of being winter prepared.”

“I can only hope Varmal™ will help others gear up properly for the cold.”

“Because hours in the cold can easily mean the difference between life and death.”

– Richard

Don’t let the cold put a freeze on your daily plans. Survive plummeting temperatures this coming winter with Varmal™.

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