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The Ultimate Solution To Lower Your Energy Bill By 50%

Do you find yourself surprised with soaring electricity bills when you are in fact not even using your electric devices and appliances all the time? The culprit behind this may probably be “energy vampires.” This occurs in appliances that leech off energy even when they are shut down. Basically, this means every cord that remains plugged into an outlet is pulling electricity out and accounts for as much as 50% of your monthly electricity bill.

Thankfully, there is an ‘antidote’ for this energy (and money) consuming dilemma! Cut back on your monthly electricity bills conveniently with Eazysave™! This innovative product is an auto energy saving device that you can plug, leave the device running on its own, and save without a fuss.

Why Choose Eazysave™?

  • Energy Saving
    Prevents voltage instability and regulates electric current to optimize power consumption
  • Save Money
    Watch as your power bills drop by up to 50% while you enjoy your usual electricity usage every month
  • Extends Lifespan Of Appliances
    Protects your appliances from power surges, keeping them safe from overheating which in turn, promotes a longer life cycle
  • Safe & Reliable
    It has a built-in modern sensor capacitor making it fireproof and leak-proof giving your home added security from electricity-related fires and accidents
  • Easy Plug & Go
    Plug it into any wall socket and take control of the power consumption in your home or office

How To Use

  1. Plug it into an AC power socket. The LED light indicator will turn green as it starts to work.
  2. Keep it plugged in at all times for effective power saving. See your electricity bill decrease in huge amounts after just one month!

Note: For optimal results, it is recommended to install 1 unit of Eazysave™ for every 500 sqft of your home. The average American household uses a minimum of 3 plugs to reduce energy consumption.

Users Who Have Experienced Real Results

I was a little hesitant in trying but after reading so many good reviews, I decided to give it a go. I installed 3 of them in my home and by the next billing cycle, the charges went down $100! It’s incredible how well this works! Not to mention, the whole family was stuck at home because of this covid situation which meant that the electricity bill is expected to be way higher. But I was wrong! So glad that I took a chance and trusted the reviews. Big thumbs up!

Jenna Hollins, AZ

✔ Verified Purchase

This has really helped lower our electric bill. We bought 3 and placed them in areas of high usage like near the washer, near the desktop computer and by the microwave. It was for the hottest month of the year and the AC was turned on pretty much all the time. Sure enough, it cut our electricity bill in half! Love it!

Stephen Jones, CA

✔ Verified Purchase

I don’t know how it works, but it does. My power bill showed a credit balance which meant that I don’t need to pay. My bill was $60 lower than usual. That’s at least a 40% drop! I’m sure it was because of this device. I’ve been in lockdown since March because of Covid-19. Truly a lifesaver! Everyone needs to own at least one of these. I personally have 4 in my home.

Savannah Hall, NC

✔ Verified Purchase


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